3 Reasons Why Real Estate Investing Should Be Part of Your Future

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My Blueprint for Real Estate Investing has been forged in fire, through multiple upcycles and downturns in the housing market. It has created numerous millionaires, young retirees, and some of the top investors now dominating their respective markets. It’s a reasonable expectation to make $80,000+ on a single house flip in Hawaii and other high-pricepoint markets. How many deals would YOU have to do in a year to replace your current income and change your life forever? For most people, it’s only 1 or 2. I’ll show you cutting-edge strategies I use myself every day. Smart investors can make money in ALL markets because they stay ahead of trends and are constantly learning and using new ideas. I continually update my courses with the latest, proven strategies – strategies I have done myself – so that YOU will be one of those who make a bundle from the current opportunities in our market. My students get the best training for an affordable price.


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Preview of Curriculum

Over 90 Lessons and 30 hours of training at Your Disposal

  • Setting Up Your Business and Gaining Credibility
  • Setting Up Your LLC in 15 minutes
  • 50+ Ways of Finding Good Deals
  • Gaining a Decisive Competitive Advantage Over Your Competitors
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Renovating Houses for Profit
  • The Massive House-Flipping Checklist
  • Creative Financing – Doing 6-figure Deals Without Using Your Own Money
  • How to Work with Contractors, Realtors, Attorneys, etc.
  • How to Build a New House from Start to Finish
  • Wholesaling, Lease Options, Subject To’s
  • How To “Own Nothing, but Control Everything”
  • Advanced Investing Strategies
  • The Smarter Way to Create Cash Flow and Passive Income
  • Learn to Retire Early
  • Due Diligence – Running the Numbers like a Pro
  • Asset Protection – Protecting Your Wealth from Creditors and Lawsuits
  • Big Profits from Vacation Rentals with Zero Risk
  • Writing Offers and Real Estate Contracts
  • How to Find Off-Market Deals
  • Huge Money-Saving Tax Benefits for RE Investors
  • Understanding Housing Markets and Market Cycles
  • Evaluating and Managing Risk in Real Estate
  • How to Find the Best Emerging Markets in the U.S. to Invest in
  • And much more!

Meet Your Mentor Michael Mazzella

Michael Mazzella is a nationally-known Real Estate Investor, Best-Selling Author, and Mentor, who bought his first property in Hawaii in 1993. For several years as CEO of Turtle Bay Land Company, Michael was Hawaii’s #1 house-flipper. He has completed over 250 deals with an exceptional ‘win-loss’ ratio of 95% profitable deals.

Through multiple up-cycles and downturns of the housing market, as an investor and developer, Michael has done it all – quick-turns, foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, short sales, assignments, rehabs, subject-to’s, cash-flow rentals, pre-construction, tear-downs & new-build construction, vacation rentals, emerging-market investing, residential and land development, CPRs and subdivisions, ‘5-Day-Sales,’ and even relocating and restoring historical homes.

As you can see, Michael is well-qualified to teach you!

About Michael

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  • Samurai
    (Level 2)

    Includes everything in Level 1, PLUS:

    Michael will personally walk you through your first/next deal.  OR…
    4 hours of additional 1-on-1 personal coaching with Michael



    Jedi Master (Level 3)

    Includes everything in Levels 1 and 2, PLUS:

    Fasten your seatbelts! A Mentor will visit you in person, in your home market, and train you for 2 full days! All hands-on, personalized learning.



A Few of Michael’s Deals in Progress

Having fun with my PowerTeam, Employees, Students, Project Managers, and Apprentices! Making Our Neighborhoods More Beautiful, One House at a Time - Join Us Today!