Learn How to Earn Six-Figures with my Real Estate Investing Course

The time is now – Life is short, the opportunities ahead of you are immense, and YOU deserve this! Change your life forever. Enroll today!

What You'll Learn in my House Flipping Course

Find Great Deals

Learn over 50 ways to find great deals! Our primary focus will be on finding the sweet deals in the HIDDEN MARKET!

Fund your deals

Michael has raised over $30 Million in private money. Learn his secrets, and get all the money you need to do deals!

Analyze Deals

Should you walk away, run away, or pull the trigger on this deal? Learn to run the numbers like a pro!

What to Look for in Michael Mazzella's Real Estate Training Program?

The Best Training Available

Because I’m an active investor, I’m continually updating the curriculum to teach you the latest and best techniques and strategies that I’m using in my deals. Learn rehabbing from actual deals, and learn to find off-market deals. You’ll gain confidence and know this stuff works, because I’m doing it.

Topics Include

Finding deals, Exit strategies, Creative financing, Power Teams, Contracts, Writing Offers, Due diligence, Renovating houses for profit, Asset protection, Vacation rentals, Tax benefits, New home construction, Wholesaling, Analyzing housing markets, Market cycles, Advanced investing strategies, and many more.

Course Materials Include

Deal analysis software, business plan for a REI company, MLS access, all my marketing letters and postcards, Contracts, LLC operating agreements, Joint venture agreements, Complete reference library, Mentor course manual, Foreclosure & strategy manuals, and much more.

Unlimited Coaching

The mentor course is designed so that you can do deals on your own, however, its good to know that whenever you need some additional guidance, by phone, email, video conference, or even in person – I’m always there for you after you graduate. I’ve got your back!

Funding For Your Deals

I can fund your deals when I have funds available, whether its with my own money or from my team of investors. You will also get access to my full PowerTeam: My hand-picked and fully vetted team of contractors, realtors, attorneys, accountants, suppliers, etc., that my graduates and I use to take down our deals.

Option To Partner With Me

I do plenty of deals, and I often do them with mentor graduates and students as my partners. Wanna do a deal together? For me, it doesn’t matter – I’m doing deals anyway. For you, it's just one more option that can help you achieve your goals.

Why Choose Turtle Bay Mentor to start your Real Estate Investing Education?

Turtle Bay Mentor Offers Real Estate Investing Courses for Every Budget?

Michael Mazzella's House Flipping Mastery Course

SPECIAL DEAL: Michael Mazzella’s House Flipping Mastery Course (Level 1)

The full Mentor Course, all 90+ lessons, 30+ hours of video instruction. Everything you need to do deals on your own!


Level 2 House Flipping Course

Warrior (Level 2)

The full Mentor Course, all 90+ lessons, 30+ hours of video instruction. Everything you need to do deals on your own!

Plus Coach Calls: 2 full hours of 1-on-1 personal coaching with Michael


Level 3 House Flipping Course

Samurai (Level 3)

Includes everything in Level 1, PLUS:

Michael will personally walk you through your first/next deal.  OR…
4 hours of additional 1-on-1 personal coaching with Michael